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Sarah Payling

I have worked in media since graduating from a management degree in Manchester. I started work in consumer media, including nightclub guides, hair and beauty titles, outdoor leisure and women’s lifestyle.


Almost 20 years ago I was lucky to get a role for a media company specialising in sustainability at the birth of this movement. We were the market leader and did a lot of work with New Labour around messaging, rhetoric, corporate social responsibility and the environment. In 2008 I joined Inside Housing, first leading the advertising team and then moving over to events.


My two work passions are commercialising excellent content and exemplar stakeholder and account management. I am delighted to say the housing portfolio at Ocean Media Group allows me to do both.


In my spare time I travel with my husband, occasionally with our Labrador too, compete against myself at the gym and spend all my spare pennies on a rather-too-busy social life.



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