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Matt Miller

We’re fast establishing Ocean as an organisation that can always be relied on to deliver for our people and our markets. We’re fortunate to serve some fantastic sectors; and the people here - currently 140 of us and growing quickly - are an inspiring group of dedicated, thoughtful and talented marketing, content and sales specialists that know how to to make a difference.


I’m aiming to help as many of those around me as possible progress by combining a strong work ethic with treating others as I’d like to be treated: considerately, objectively and in an optimistic and collaborative manner. I believe in the power of independent enterprise, and consider Ocean’s success now and in the future reliant on operating an increasingly diverse collection of small businesses with the maximum degree of expertise and care.


I live in Battersea and have two daughters aged 15 and 17, who live mainly with their mum in Godalming. We had our kids when we were young, so we very much fit the modern, blended vogue – with partners on both sides and their wider relations all forming a big, happy family. I learn every day from my inspiring partner Chantelle, who’s a sociologist and activist based at Goldsmiths University.



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