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Back Street Heroes - Europe's Leading Custom Motorcycle Magazine

Back Street Heroes

BSH is widely recognised as Europe's leading custom motorcycle magazine. Its reputation has been built up over the last 25 years.

The magazine features the most awesome and exotic show-winning motorcycles alongside more humble - but no less innovative or original - inspirational 'grass-roots' machines. There is also a range of editorial documenting the associated subculture and lifestyle.  The Clubs & Events section - a monthly listing of related rallies and shows - is the largest of its kind in the market and the magazine reviews all the major events.

The magazine has a dedicated following.  There's a strong relationship between the readers and editorial staff, who not only live the life on a day-to-day basis, but are also involved in the organisation of high-profile events.  BSH is a headline presence at the likes of the Bulldog Bash, Farmyard Party and the NEC International Motorcycle and Scooter Show.
The revamped www.backstreetheroes.com enables readers to access a database of past editions, download cover bikes, check out new merchandise, upload videos and images, plus interact with the blog that covers news and product updates on a daily basis.


Nik Samson

Managing Editor

Lauren Radwell

Editorial Assistant



Gareth Williams
Art Editor

Ronald McGibbon
Advertising Design


Billy Manning


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